Skip Week #1: A note from Dav and Geoff!

Whaddup everybody?  I’m Dav and I draw Miskatonic.  It’s been a real pleasure to watch how the Captain changes over the course of three issues.  But this is our skip week and so who knows what cuhrazy thing you’re gonna see in the space above?  It could be a page outta my sketchbook showing you how the comic gets made, it could be a schematic of the Mysterious Interiors of Fauntelroy’s Hat, or just a shot of one of characters Doing Something Cool!

Howdy, internet!  My name is Geoff and I write The Adventures of Captain Miskatonic.  Thanks for checking us out.  I hope you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far.  We’ve got all sorts of crazy adventures coming up for our buddy Captain Miskatonic, so check here every week for something new from us.  This week is something that Dav and I have been calling a “Skip Week,” a sort of break between stories.  Each Skip Week Dav and I will be taking a break from the Miskatonic action to bring you some DVD-style extras.  Today we’ve got a pin up from Dav.  Check back here next week for the first page of the new Miskatonic adventure, “The Microbial Malady!”

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