Miskatonic and Fontelroy will return next week in “The Incarceration Incident”

Welcome back, Fellow Miska-Nauts! (Miskato-Nauts?) What we got here are some concept sketches for our upcoming 3rd issue- THE INCARCERATION INCIDENT. Geoff and I have been planning this particular 3-pager as a debut platform for Miskatonic’s main antagonists. You can see three of them here- 1) Brock Conquest, FORMER FIST OF THE EMPIRE and disavowed PROTOGE of the Captain, 2) King Amon-Rock, The KUNG FU PHARAOH and his deadly SCARAB-FU, and 3) Belinda Dupar, famed JEWEL THIEF and COLONIAL REBEL- the only way to make sure your valuables stay out of her hands is to DESTROY THEM. To say any more would be spoiling the fun. The impetus behind issue #3 came from looking at lot of Patrick Gleason’s art on Green Lantern and just how LUDICROUS it gets. Enjoy!

Howdy, internet! Next week, art’s getting digital and we’re getting nuts and throwing in gray tones and crowd scenes. Something interesting about the next story we’ve got for you: Dav and I spent an entire two hours talking about how a sequence of three panels would work for the story. And we didn’t even use it. Murder your darlings indeed.
See you next week!


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