Miskatonic and Fontelroy will return next week in “The Surveillance Sanction”

Howdy internet!  Hope you enjoyed our look into New Australia and our little preview of some of the villains and fiends that Miskatonic and Fontelroy will be facing in upcoming adventures.  Dav and I were pretty excited to get that one out because it was the first Miskatonic adventure to be drawn entirely digitally, but I’ll let Dav get into the art side of things this week.  Be sure to check us out next week for “The Surveillance Sanction” where we’ll be introducing Antonio Rialto and his Giant Robot/Bachelor pad, The Leviatron.  For now, check out this peek into Dav’s sketchbook.


So.  Let’s talk art.  DIGI-ART.

I’ve been drawing for a while now (about 21 years, maybe) and I’ve always used paper and pen/cil.  It’s wonderful, great, taught me how to do all the stuff I can do, etc. etc.  But, and I only recently started to understand that I wasn’t alone in thinking this way, it’s terrifying. The prospect of screwing up a set of inks after so much work can really paralyze me.  My biggest fault is adding just that one extra line that’s gonna bring it all together- and then of course that one extra line just ruins everything.
This is where the computers come in.  I bought my little tablet a little less than a year ago and the greatest thing it’s done for me is to completely eradicate the fear of screwing up.  I can always ctrl+z!  How freeing!  How delightful!  How expedient! And it’s really the last one that is the clincher, here.  The time saved alone just means I get to draw more.  Usually I do my concepts and thumbs on paper, then I rough and finish in Photoshop.
Also, let’s be perfectly clear- The little tablet is just a tool.  That fear of failure earlier?  The more I plan ahead of time, the more sketches I make, the more I just innately trust myself, the less I can screw up. I’m so delighted when I find the freeness of my little tablet being translated to paper and traditional media.  And that’s all for now!  Onwards, Miskanauts!

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