The Captain and Fontelroy will return next week in “4th Dimension Crypt Science”

Howdy, Internet!

Hope you enjoyed that last three-pager. We’ve got some ideas floating around for more Aaron Frankenstein, so stay tuned.

Since it’s my turn to write the skip week column, I was thinking I’d let you in on some of my script pages, but I’ve decided not to because I’m much happier with our finished products and I don’t think I’m ready to let anyone see how basic my script formatting is. Each page we post is a true testament to Dav’s talent of turning the mess of my scripts and my sad excuse for “art direction” into the explosions and vomit we see every Tuesday(ish). Maybe I’ll post them later when I care less about how my script work is perceived.

Anyway, here’s a list of things from my notebook that eventually led to this last Aaron Frankenstein story:
-knife fight
-secret lab
-monsters are monsters
-olfactory offense

So somehow that list morphed into a three page comic. Don’t ask me how, I’m still figuring it out myself.


Stay tuned next week for the beginning of a Fontelroy-centric story. There will be magicks and proper grooming.


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