Skip Week- The State of the Miskatonic

Hey Miskanauts! Dav here with today’s skip week post. This time around we’re going to be talking about goals. One of the many reasons for doing this comic is best explained by example-

That’s popular webcomic “Penny Arcade”, drawn by Mike Krahulik (Gabe), on December 2nd, 1998.

And that’s “Penny Arcade” on July 4th, 2008, almost 10 years later. Mike. Mike. I went with this strip as an example of Mike’s progression because of its awesome fundamentals. I mean, look at their faces!

And of course he just keeps getting better. This is the kind of progression I’m looking for with Miskatonic. For example, in just the space of less than one year, I’m proud to say that we went from:


But we can do better. So much better! Here’s what I’m looking at as we move forward into 2011. (By the way, as of typing this very sentence, it’s 11:11 AM on 1/1/11!) You’ll also notice that there’s one very particular trend in all of the examples I’m about to cite.

First off we’ve got “King City” by Brandon Graham:

Check out that all that white space! That immaculate attention to composition! Brandon Graham! I definitely get just too busy with the Captain every now and then and could learn a coupla tips from Brando here.

That’s “Casanova,” drawn by twin Brazilian brothers Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. Check out that tone and style! I love how it moves! Ka-POW!

And finally, there’s “Sin Titulo” by Cameron Stewart:
Not only is this comic just dang pretty as shit, but it’s got a profound sense of place. That is to say two things: 1) the reader knows where the characters are in every frame and 2) the place informs the mood. Look how creepy everything is! Just by showing off an alley, then a face, then a door! Awesome!

And all you smart folks out there will observe that all of these comics only operate on three tones- black, white, and X. You’ll be seeing me try that out in the coming months.

Thanks for reading along with us everyone! It’s just simply great to have you readers on board and I hope you’ve enjoyed this look inside the Captain’s look. Excelsior, etc.!



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